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Tim Lybrook, AOTMP CEO and President

As AOTMP’s founder, Tim is responsible for guiding corporate strategy and vision. Tim leads AOTMP initiatives while focusing on business development, service innovation, finance and global expansion. Additionally, Tim plays a pivotal role in AOTMP’s partnerships with many of its largest customers.  
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Cheryl Altany, AOTMP Senior Vice President, Global Services

Cheryl leads the global services organization and oversees AOTMP’s Client Engagement, Business and Telecom Analyst, Research and Information Management and Consulting teams. In this role, Cheryl develops relationships with enterprises, fixed and mobile industry vendors and channels around the world.
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Tim Colwell, AOTMP Senior Vice President, Global Business Analytics

Timothy directs AOTMP’s Business Analytics, Performance Management and Performance Scoring teams. He is the lead innovation architect for AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Framework v2.0, a disciplined, best practice-driven approach to managing fixed and mobile telecom environments.
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David King, AOTMP Vice President and General Manager, Efficiency First® Engine

David is the senior leader responsible for the continual development and evolution of our Efficiency First® Engine, the proprietary system that drives all of AOTMP's products and services. In support of the Engine, he oversees teams responsible for global data collection and management, AOTMP University, business analytics, product management, and information advisory services.
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Efficiency First® Vendor Practice

Mike O'Neill, Vice President Efficiency First® Vendor Practice

Mike leads the global business development team for the Efficiency First® Vendor Practice and works with large telecom management firms to help them drive efficiencies for their enterprise clients. From system integrators to carriers, from TEM to MDM vendors, Mike manages the Efficiency First® Certification program efforts. Working hand-in-hand with the service delivery team, Mike helps vendors win more business, retain more customers and drive profitability for his vendor clients.   
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Lavoska Barton, Vice President Service Delivery, Efficiency First® Vendor Practice

Lavoska leads the global service delivery team for AOTMP's Efficiency First® Vendor Practice. He is responsible for managing our vendor client relationships and ensuring their continuous improvement in performance, which in turn positively impacts the overall efficiency of their clients’ enterprise telecom environments as those clients adopt the Efficiency First® Framework.

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