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Are you trying to connect with other industry professionals, but too busy to attend networking events?

Are you wanting the latest research on trends and activities, but overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks?

Do you wish to position yourself and your organization to be better than the rest, but not sure how to do it?


You need the Telecom Management Industry Research Alliance.


The Telecom Management Industry Research Alliance brings together knowledgeable professionals from different telecom disciplines who are willing to share their knowledge and gain new insight to improve their telecom environments. 

  • We connect you with hundreds of industry professionals from around the globe. From IT executives to global telecom managers to telecom engineers and analysts, our membership base encompasses professional diversity to provide a holistic view of the industry.
  • We supply you with the latest research on various topics in the industry. From BYOD to WiFi security, every other month we will send you a survey to see how you and your organization are dealing with today’s issues and challenges. Then, we share our findings with you via webinars, newsletters and whitepapers.
  • We position you and your organization on the cutting edge of the industry. With all the collaboration going on within the group, you’ll be in a great position to become a leader within telecom/IT.

The best part is: membership is ALWAYS FREE and open to all enterprise* telecom management professionals.


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“I am always interested in expanding my knowledge base and my professional network. Joining the Telecom Management Industry Research Alliance offered an opportunity to do this while contributing the thoughts and ideas that I have developed throughout my career in the telecommunications industry.”
-Ann Bauer, Pacific Gas and Electric Corp.


“I am interested in using this forum to share and learn new trends in the industry which can be of benefit to the company and to meet with peers in the field.”
-Laurence Guerand, Avery Dennison


“To be able to influence the direction of future telecom management issues and to provide real business related examples to help shape direction.”
-Duane Simon, Vision Service Plan Company




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* Currently, membership is not open to individuals who are in a support role for other external companies as a vendor or supplier.


The Telecom Management Industry Research Alliance is an industry group funded and managed by AOTMP. Access to the Telecom Management Industry Research Alliance benefits are provided through AOTMP's Efficiency First® Engine. Additional products and services available through AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Engine include AOTMP University, Tools & Research and Business Analytics.

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