How do you know your telecom team needs a training needs analysis?

Like everything else in an enterprise, you can’t make decisions with a gut feeling. You need a systematic approach to determine who needs training and exactly what content they need.

Here are four questions that your analysis must answer:

What are the desired outcomes?
The best clarification of a training needs analysis must start with business needs. Start with business goals to make a case. Typical goals could sound like:

What training is needed?
First, ask yourself what skills are necessary to do the work of team members. Then you must decide if those skills are required before the hire or if they can be learned on the job. In a tight job market, you may have to hire with little knowledge of telecom. Training properly can get these new hires up-to-speed quickly.

Then you can evaluate individual team members by skill or skill gap. List these by importance to the organization, i.e. telecom invoice auditing would allow team member to seek savings beneficial to the organization.
It’s helpful to have performance evaluations, test scores and customer feedback to help with these skills audits so you have a complete picture.

Who needs this training?
Prioritize the training needs analysis by percentage of team members. Rate the importance of each training need for a clearer picture of the impact. You will have a great idea, then, of training priorities.

How will the training impact the business?
Of course, new skills are only valuable if the knowledge is retained. Training evaluation is an ongoing process, but must be quantifiable. You need to know if the training improved competencies, job performance and how the improvement impacted business objectives.

What else to consider?
Of course, the other considerations are cost and delivery methods of the training. Remember to factor in the time and cost of content development time. That could be a giant factor when determining the best delivery method.

If you are reading this, then you are aware of gaps in team knowledge and know that improvements could make a difference to the entire organization. This analysis is a way to prove it methodically.

The solution?
AOTMP®’s Performance First® for Teams is a comprehensive solution for continuous team improvement. All the training and tools you need in one convenient package, plus a strategy component and continuous updates on metrics and KPIs that apply directly to this task.

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