Q: Are business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans the same?

Business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans are related, but not identical. Business continuity plans address restoration of all business operations after a disruptive event. Disaster recovery plans address actions required to restore critical infrastructure after a disruptive event occurs. Disaster recovery plans are commonly treated as a subset of an overall business continuity plan.

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 Q: What is the FCC’s Connected Care Program?

Telehealth has been evolving in the US – and all over the world – for several years. Broadly, telehealth offers patient-provider care remotely and can include video chat visits for routine and non-emergency diagnosis and care. But, over the last few years, mobile technologies have enabled telehealth to evolve beyond its traditional boundaries. Today, telehealth has expanded its focus to include considerations for providing long-term care to users that do not have access to high speed networks and/or suitable devices for remote visits. In March 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a pilot program named Connected Care that is designed to support telehealth for low-income Americans and veterans.

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