It’s 2019. Everyone is buzzing about data privacy and security and the impact that it has on your business practices.

Today, no one is immune to any data privacy law that is in effect. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has already had wide-ranging implications on business practices and digital transformation initiatives — especially when it comes to remote process automation.

As we expand greater into the data privacy field, CCPA — the California Consumer Protection Act — adds an entirely new level of intrigue to the mix as tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple go toe-to-toe with California’s General Assembly to gut the bill and make the penalties less severe. While I firmly believe that the tech giants aren’t making it a priority to gut the bill, I do believe they are trying to limit its impact on their business affairs.

In fact, their wishlist of changes is so extensive it took a 20-page letter and a special legislative session to address the legal implications of non-specific definitions that could be wildly misinterpreted.

In a recent WIRED article, Robert Callahan — Vice President of State Government Affairs at the Internet Association — said, “The lack of precise and clear definitions in this legislation will make compliance difficult for companies looking to do the right thing. This could lead to serious and costly consequences for internet businesses in California, which contribute 11.5% to the state’s overall GDP, as well as every other sector of the economy.”

Enterprises should always remember there is a patchwork of laws that govern data privacy and security throughout the world. If your operations are anything like ours, you need to immediately start learning as much as you can about how to stay compliant. In addition to staying compliant, you should learn about the laws themselves and how they impact your operations.

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