The 4-1-1 on RPA

**from the July 2020 issue of AOTMP® Insights ** Guess what? You are probably familiar with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). You just may not realize it yet. That is because RPA has existed in many shapes and forms over the years. When you place a call, are redirected to another number or voicemail, and prompted […]

Seven Technologies to Ensure Digital Transformation Success

The recent progress technology has made isn’t impressive – it’s downright mind-blowing! As we approach the end of this decade and reflect, it’s impossible to ignore how far digital transformation has come in the 2010s. Major technology companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook have fundamentally changed how we interact with the world. Digital transformation […]

Automation & White-Collar Jobs

While we touched on the impact automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have on your organization months ago, a new study published by the Brookings Institution explores a little-discussed impact these technologies will have on white-collar jobs. Until now, high-tech industries like software publishing or system design have been considered minimally susceptible to automation. However, […]

Welcome to the Age of Hyperautomation

Thanks to a combination of business process digitization, constant connectivity, and smart machines, we’ve entered a new age. A technology-driven age. The age of hyperautomation. Hyperautomation Defined While hyperautomation delivers a deeper, more intelligent toolset than previous technologies ever have, this innovation wraps machine learning capabilities, software, and other miscellaneous automation tools into one package […]

The Future of Work

I touched on it in yesterday’s post, but technology is changing everything we do. And this trend dramatically impacts the future of work. Don’t believe me? Consider this: many of today’s most in-demand jobs didn’t exist a decade ago.  Digital strategy officers, data scientists, and application software developers are just a few of the career […]

The Real Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Many of today’s digital transformation projects include a new trend: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, almost any industry can benefit from these intelligent, independent systems. No wonder we’re seeing a rapid rise of AI initiatives at enterprises everywhere. Just think about all the recent advertisements and articles you’ve seen promoting AI. Soon, you’ll start to […]