The IT Finance Elephant in the Room

**From the July 2020 issue of AOTMP® Insights** Are you as tired as we are of hearing about this ‘new normal’ yet? Sure, it’s exciting to consider. And there’s no doubt the term’s clickbait-y nature gets the attention it may rightfully deserve. But, the truth of the matter is there isn’t going to be such […]

Three Tips to Help Your IT Finance Team During COVID-19

Thanks to coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re all facing unprecedented challenges and changes where managing technology is concerned. And – while this may be a scary prospect – it’s important to understand that what your telecom, mobility, and IT management practitioners do now can have a dramatic impact on your business tomorrow. And that goes double for […]

Three 2020 Telecom Predictions

Things are changing quickly in the realm of enterprise technology – and telecommunications is certainly no exception to this trend. As you prepare your telecom training initiatives for everything 2020 will bring, what’s most important to focus on? If not, don’t panic. Here are three telecom trends you need to be ready for in 2020 […]