Enterprise Mobile Technology is Evolving

While Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) was once primarily concerned with securing and managing individual devices, today’s mobile technology initiatives are more broadly focused on user support – whether they’re in the office or not. But what does that mean for the future of enterprise mobile technology? The short answer is ‘chaotic.’ EMM is undertaking a […]

How New Technology is Shaping Telecom’s Future

As new technologies are developed and deployed, industry providers will explore how they can use it to attract customers, expand their growth initiatives, and influence the future of telecom. But are these organizations truly prepared to make meaningful changes happen? While integrating innovations like 5G sounds appealing, in reality the practice is much easier said […]

Reskilling & the Rise of Technology

Whether you’re ready or not, the world of work is changing. The pace of technological development is pushing innovation to new heights, giving workers and organizations more information and ability than ever before. And your best bet to keep up with everything going on is reskilling. For years, companies have had to balance implementing more […]

Podcast: Is Your IT Department Still Relevant?

In enterprise technology, change is good. And that’s fortunate – because everything is evolving. Just think back to what your technology management environment looked like a few years ago… From one day to the next, it can be almost impossible to predict the future of the industry. And that begs the question ‘What does the […]

Automation & White-Collar Jobs

While we touched on the impact automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have on your organization months ago, a new study published by the Brookings Institution explores a little-discussed impact these technologies will have on white-collar jobs. Until now, high-tech industries like software publishing or system design have been considered minimally susceptible to automation. However, […]