The 4-1-1 on RPA

**from the July 2020 issue of AOTMP® Insights ** Guess what? You are probably familiar with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). You just may not realize it yet. That is because RPA has existed in many shapes and forms over the years. When you place a call, are redirected to another number or voicemail, and prompted […]

Enterprise Mobile Technology is Evolving

While Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) was once primarily concerned with securing and managing individual devices, today’s mobile technology initiatives are more broadly focused on user support – whether they’re in the office or not. But what does that mean for the future of enterprise mobile technology? The short answer is ‘chaotic.’ EMM is undertaking a […]

How New Technology is Shaping Telecom’s Future

As new technologies are developed and deployed, industry providers will explore how they can use it to attract customers, expand their growth initiatives, and influence the future of telecom. But are these organizations truly prepared to make meaningful changes happen? While integrating innovations like 5G sounds appealing, in reality the practice is much easier said […]

Three 2020 Telecom Predictions

Things are changing quickly in the realm of enterprise technology – and telecommunications is certainly no exception to this trend. As you prepare your telecom training initiatives for everything 2020 will bring, what’s most important to focus on? If not, don’t panic. Here are three telecom trends you need to be ready for in 2020 […]

How Today’s Information Technology is Shaping Your Tomorrow

Your organization is only as valuable as your information technology enables it to be. And this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Data is what’s fueling your pricing, your profitability, and your overall business strategy. And technology will play a critical role in influencing your future. But how? The rapid advance of […]

Seven Technologies to Ensure Digital Transformation Success

The recent progress technology has made isn’t impressive – it’s downright mind-blowing! As we approach the end of this decade and reflect, it’s impossible to ignore how far digital transformation has come in the 2010s. Major technology companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook have fundamentally changed how we interact with the world. Digital transformation […]

What is Cloud Data Repatriation?

While cloud is one of today’s biggest enterprise technology trends, many organizations find these migrations don’t deliver the savings, flexibility, and collaboration that were implemented to create. Thus, a new trend has been born – cloud data repatriation. What is Cloud Data Repatriation? This term sounds complicated, but in reality it’s a three-word definition that […]

Blockchain & Today’s Enterprise Tech Environment

Blockchain is one of today’s biggest enterprise technology buzzwords. But industry experts are largely conflicted on how – and when – this innovation will be capable of delivering the ROI businesses expect. While some believe blockchain is still years away from achieving its potential, others are already experiencing benefits from its implementation. So, what’s the […]

Improving Your IoT Security

There are 17 billion internet-connected devices in the world – and more than 40% of them are Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. As the cost of technology and connectivity goes down, these devices will continue to grow more popular than ever. But is your IoT security ready to handle the risks? While people don’t typically […]

IoT Asset Tracking: What Your Organization Needs

Advanced technologies and best practices are essentials found in any successful security professional’s toolkit. However, there’s a third element that many fail to recognize: Internet of Things (IoT) asset tracking. And, unlike technologies and best practices, this last component requires attention long after implementation. Asset tracking initiatives are a delicate enterprise balancing act that juggle […]

IoT in a Digital Age

In my last blog I spoke about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the digital age, but IoT can’t be ignored. Why IoT? As we see the world overwhelmed with digital aspects and surrounded by virtual connections, IoT’s role needs to be understood. Otherwise, organizations can’t move into the future. As companies implement massive IoT initiatives, we […]