KPIs Driving Decision-Making

**From the August 2020 issue of AOTMP® Insights** Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) present technology management teams the opportunity to use facts and business metrics to elevate technology into highly valued strategic asset status. KPIs need to be aligned to strategic business objectives, consistently measured, and tracked to identify trends and manage results. If not, the […]

The IT Finance Elephant in the Room

**From the July 2020 issue of AOTMP® Insights** Are you as tired as we are of hearing about this ‘new normal’ yet? Sure, it’s exciting to consider. And there’s no doubt the term’s clickbait-y nature gets the attention it may rightfully deserve. But, the truth of the matter is there isn’t going to be such […]

Enterprise Mobile Technology is Evolving

While Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) was once primarily concerned with securing and managing individual devices, today’s mobile technology initiatives are more broadly focused on user support – whether they’re in the office or not. But what does that mean for the future of enterprise mobile technology? The short answer is ‘chaotic.’ EMM is undertaking a […]

Seven Technologies to Ensure Digital Transformation Success

The recent progress technology has made isn’t impressive – it’s downright mind-blowing! As we approach the end of this decade and reflect, it’s impossible to ignore how far digital transformation has come in the 2010s. Major technology companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook have fundamentally changed how we interact with the world. Digital transformation […]

How 5G Changes Technology Forever

With so many unfulfilled promises about how 5G changes lives and transforms technology forever, it’s easy to be skeptical. After all, carriers are moving slower than expected and we have yet to see that explosion of self-driving cars or robot surgeons so many headlines have mentioned. However, we’re finally starting to see light at the […]

AI & Machine Learning Make Security Mobile

If your workday looks anything like mine, the fun doesn’t stop when you leave the office at five o’clock. In fact, most U.S. employees now get their jobs done from outside the office. But this means new challenges for your endpoint security. Today, more organizations than ever are finding it difficult to balance asset management […]

From Cradle to Grave: Creating Your MAM Strategy

Your most valuable asset as an enterprise mobility manager isn’t technology or employees – it’s data. Without a Mobile Asset Management (MAM) strategy, however, your organization won’t be able to uncover the device performance, utilization, or cost insights it needs. While establishing a MAM strategy requires specific expertise and coordination between lots of moving parts, […]

Create Your Winning MDM Strategy in Four Simple Steps

If you read my last post, you already know that Mobile Device Management (MDM) delivers more than security. If properly prepared, an MDM strategy doesn’t just provide support for multiple operating systems – it can help you drive employee engagement, productivity, and profitability, too. Creating a winning MDM strategy may seem like a daunting task, […]

Why MDM Matters

Considering today’s smartphone market has surpassed that of traditional PCs, more organizations than ever are assessing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. After all, 75% of IT managers need new security rules to establish an adequate level of mobile security where they work. While you may have incorporated mobile technology into your enterprise years ago, more […]

MDM Market Evolution

While Mobile Device Management (MDM) may be past its prime in the United States, globally this security platform is still experiencing impressive growth. Through 2025, MDM is projected to grow compound annual rate of more than 23%. Even if the MDM market is more heavily concentrated than ever, its leaders are growing enterprise awareness and […]

Four Focus Areas for Complete Cybersecurity

No matter how big or advanced your organization is, we all share the same threat: cybersecurity. While technology has delivered incredible and unexpected benefits, it’s also created the potential for increased business risks and more dangerous attacks than ever. Using many of the same innovations you do, cybersecurity attackers are taking advantage of automation and […]

It’s Official: The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

Earlier today, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) approved the $26 billion T-Mobile-Sprint merger. This deal combines two of the country’s largest wireless service providers into a unified company that serves more than 80 million mobile subscribers. Though legal challenges from state attorneys could still create potential roadblocks for the merger moving forward, this action […]