The 4-1-1 on RPA

**from the July 2020 issue of AOTMP® Insights ** Guess what? You are probably familiar with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). You just may not realize it yet. That is because RPA has existed in many shapes and forms over the years. When you place a call, are redirected to another number or voicemail, and prompted […]

Three Tips to Help Your IT Finance Team During COVID-19

Thanks to coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re all facing unprecedented challenges and changes where managing technology is concerned. And – while this may be a scary prospect – it’s important to understand that what your telecom, mobility, and IT management practitioners do now can have a dramatic impact on your business tomorrow. And that goes double for […]

Seven Ways to Achieve Enterprise Mobility Program Success

For today’s technology managers, enterprise mobility is an evolving standard and a moving target so to speak. Managing devices and maximizing savings simply doesn’t cut it anymore – excellence is measured by new metrics like internal user satisfaction, business enablement value, and automation potential that drives strategic outcomes. However, accomplishing these goals is much easier […]

Welcome to the Age of Hyperautomation

Thanks to a combination of business process digitization, constant connectivity, and smart machines, we’ve entered a new age. A technology-driven age. The age of hyperautomation. Hyperautomation Defined While hyperautomation delivers a deeper, more intelligent toolset than previous technologies ever have, this innovation wraps machine learning capabilities, software, and other miscellaneous automation tools into one package […]

10 Questions That Telecom Analytics Can Answer

1.)  Question: How do telecom analytics contribute to achieving business objectives? Answer:  Measuring, optimizing, and ultimately reducing telecom expenses is a primary business objective for many organizations. Data extracted from a TEM system can provide insight into potential areas for optimization, such as identifying unused mobile devices that can be disconnected and/or fixed lines that […]