Telecom, mobility, and IT professionals have risen to the challenge and made Work From Home (WFH) a reality. It happened quickly, there were hiccups, there were pleasant surprises, but the global workforce has finally settled into a WFH routine. Now what?

The shift to WFH is not permanent, and there will be waves of migration back to offices for many over the coming weeks and months. That effort will require attention from the same technology professionals that made WFH work. Beyond those efforts, opportunities exist in every organization to improve processes, increase visibility, optimize costs, and improve customer experience. Opportunities may have been known ahead of the forced WFH deployment, but it’s likely that many new opportunities became clear during the deployment.

Take advantage of recent events to analyze, recommend, and execute improvements that will help your business now and into the future. Conduct after action assessments to capture and discuss everything that happened during the event. Cast a wide net and engage business stakeholders, users, customers, and supply chain partners to obtain many perspectives. After action assessments can and should be conducted throughout deployment and recovery events. Don’t wait until ‘things return to normal.’ If assessments have not begun or are not planned, set aside time now to make them happen – your business will benefit.

WFHBeyond these assessments, now is the time to optimize your mobile technology-driven business processes. And we can help. Check out our Optimizing Mobile Environments Course to learn more!

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Timothy C. Colwell
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